Start: 23.03.2024 godz. 11:00 [Sobótka Rynek]

RULES (English)

9th International Ślęża Half Marathon
Announcement 19.03.2016
All running enthusiasts  are invited to the charming Sobótka near Wrocław to join the biggest half marathon in Lower Silesia.
• Sobótka Town
• Runners Club Sobótka Association
• Ślężański Ośrodek Kultury, Sportu i Rekreacji
adres:  Św. Anny street, PL 55-050 Sobótka, tel. +48 71 3162 355,
e-mail: stadion@soksir.sobotka.pl , szef@antex.pl, biuro@kbsobotka.pl
21,0975 km – officially certified course, asphalt surface. Each kilometer of the course is marked with a vertical sign (see the map on the website). The altitude difference between the lowest and the highest  point on the course – 208 m.
The Start: Sobótka market square
The Finish: located at the sports gym in Gimnazjum Gminne im. Piotra Włostowica in Sobótka (Piotr Włostiwic’s Junior High School in Sobótka).
The course runs through asphalt roads around the Ślęża Mountain; Sobótka – Strzegomiany – Będkowice – Sulistrowiczki – Przełęcz Tąpadła – Sady – Sobótka Zachodnia – Sobótka.
Parking:  parking around the finish site area (see the map on the website).
March 19, 2016; start at 11:00 am sharp, Sobótka market square, close to Wrocław.
Participants must be 18 or older on March 19, 2016. The event is open to registered runners that have paid the entry fee and signed the waiver confirming participation at their own risk at the Event Office. Entrants that have registered and paid the entry fee till 18.03.2016 and notified the organizers may get free accommodation on Friday 19.03.2016 (own mattress and sleeping bag needed).
Online registration only by March 12, 2016 via one of the following pages: www.polmaratonslezanski.pl, www.maratonypolskie.pl or
After this date late entries are accepted only on the event day at the Event Office. In case of big number of such registrations the organizers do not guarantee the full packet and admission.
Runners verification, late entries, entry fee payment and race bib pick up on March 18 from 4.00 am to 8.00 pm and 2015,  March 19, 2016 will be held from 6.00 am to 10.30 am at the
at the sports gym in Gimnazjum Gminne in Sobótka (The Junior High School), PL 55-050 Sobótka, ul. Świdnicka 20a (the Finish).
Entrants that have registered and paid the entry fee by March 1, 2016 will receive a personalized race bib with their full name and photo.
Attention! Foreigners can pay pay by credit card now.
If you need assistance, please contact- mailbox: szef@antex.pl

Entry fee is payable on line during the registration process. You can pay by credit card
Entry fee is dependent on the payment date:

  • 40 zł til 15.11.2015 r.
  • 50 zł from 16.11 to 31.122015 r.
  • 60 zł from 1.01 to 31.01.2016 r.
  • 70 zł from 1.01 to 29.02.2016 r.
  • 80 zł from 1.03 to 12.03.2016 r.
  • from 12.03.2016 by cash in event office – 100zł

People aged 70 and over have free start.

T-shirth paid extra 20zł

Registration is understood as submission of the registration form and payment of the entry fee. The entry fee is non-refundable.
– Open category men and women
– Age categories women and man:

– K18  1998 – 1992

– K25  1991 – 1987

– K30 – roczniki 1986 – 1982

– K35 – roczniki 1981 – 1977

– K40 – roczniki 1976 – 1972

– K45 – roczniki 1971 – 1967

– K50 – roczniki 1966 – 1962

– K55 – roczniki 1961 – 1957

– K60 – roczniki 1956 – 1952

– K65 – roczniki 1951 –1947

– K70 – roczniki 1946 and older

– M18 – roczniki 1998 – 1992

– M25 – roczniki 1991 – 1987

– M30 – roczniki 1986 – 1982

– M35 – roczniki 1981 – 1977

– M40 – roczniki 1976 – 1972

– M45 – roczniki 1971 – 1967

– M50 – roczniki 1966 – 1962

– M55 – roczniki 1961 – 1957

– M60 – roczniki 1956 – 1952

– M65 – roczniki 1951 – 1947

– M70 – roczniki 1946 – 1942

– M75 – roczniki 1941 – 1937

– M80 – roczniki 1936 and older
Official results and photos of the Event will be available immediately at www.datasport.pl and on the same day at www.polmaratonslezanski.pl and www.maratonypolskie.pl.
The trophy and financial awards are awarded to first six runners in general men and women categories and first three in age categories.
According to Polish law the financial awards are subject to income tax deduction. The financial awards will be paid only via bank transfer in PLN to a given personal bank account (there is no cash disbursement). The financial award will be transferred to the personal bank account on condition that all necessary forms required by the Tax Office have been filled and submitted to the organizers address in 30 days from the end date of the event. The forms can be downloaded from the Half Marathon website.
Finishers that receive the awards in the open category will not be awarded in the age categories.
These awards go to next in order in the age category. There are awards prepared for other categories and the best foreign man and woman runner.
All runners that finish the race will receive a commemorative medals cast especially on this occasion.
The organizers plan a draw with lots of attractive prizes for all finishers. The list of prizes will be updated at the event’s website.
Awards Ceremony will be held at the sports gym in Gimnazjum Gminne (the Finish)  at 14:15 pm.
There will be a tax deduction on non cash prizes which value exceeds 760 PLN gross  (income tax free amount in accordance with Art. 21 sec 1 point 68 of the Personal Income Tax Act).
The rules and regulations of the draw will be announced on the event day.
The financial awards are disbursed in Polish currency.
– Time is measured by time non-returnable chips in the bib numer
– Each runner that has provided their mobile number in the registration form will receive a text message with their time after having crossed the finish line.
– you can download and print a file with finisher certificate from  www.datasport.pl
– the organizers provide drink stations (BONART spring water and isotonic drink) along the course (7, 14, 18 km) and a refreshment meal after the race.
– The time limit for the course is 3 hours.
– The event will take place irrespective of the weather.
– a runner that does not reach the finish before 14.00 pm is obliged to leave the course and should take the bus that will behind the runners in order to get to the finish site or alternatively move according to the road traffic law.
– After the end of the event and time verification runners are obliged to leave the sports gym area.
– Entrants’ children will be provided with free care service. Please let us know such need as soon as possible.
– Each runner is obliged to place their race bibs at the front on their chest. Those who do not meet this requirement will not be classified.
– The organizers reserves the right to change, modify and interpret the race rules and regulations.
– For the duration of the race all participants are insured against accidents.

English:  Joanna Danicka, tel. mobil: +48 606323186, e-mail: szef@antex.pl
Basic English: Antoni Stankiewicz, tel. mobil: +48 602251430, e-mail: szef@antex.pl
German: Bernhard Wenk, tel. +48 713730940, mobile: +48 603597406 e-mail: gerpoladdmotor@hotmail.de