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Share Union Contract Agreement Reached

The procedural aspects of the staff performance assessment process are only saddened by Stage 2 of the appeal process. Procedural aspects include allegations of violations of this treaty or university policy. Disagreement over the supervisory marks attributed to a particular staff member is not dismal and is corrected by the acts described in paragraph 34.4. 7.2. Paid exit time. Reasonable time is made available to workers during their normal working time to meet with the union representative and/or staff representative to deal with a complaint. In addition, during their normal working time, staff will be removed from their duties to attend meetings or hearings scheduled by management for: Wilder, the union organizer, said the contract will offer employees a chance to participate more in hospital decisions. The „Improving Career and Growth” program will not replace reclassifications. Reclassifications take precedence over maintaining career/growth improvement steps, so that if an employee is qualified for a career/growth improvement stage, but could otherwise be reclassified, the staff is reclassified and does not receive the career/growth improvement step at the same time. The stages of career/growth improvement are taken into account when calculating the wage adjustment related to transportation and upward reclassification, but under no circumstances should a salary in a new position be one step higher than at the higher automatic stage in the new wage sector, with the exception of cross-transfers for which there is no mutual agreement not to exceed the higher automatic progression stage in the new wage sector. Contractual consolidation None of the parties are bound by typographical errors, grammatical errors or other unintentional errors in this contract. In addition, the parties agree that involuntary changes in the language of the contract resulting from the consolidation of contracts do not organize new legal rights or responsibilities outside the specific intent of the parties. The parties reserve the right to correct these errors or omissions by mutual agreement at any time during the term of the contract, in order to preserve the original intent of the language.

A: Yes, you`ll get the full increase, even with Max. During these negotiations, we have reached a new type of agreement, so that the increases go to the basis of all. It is only when you have already reached the new „Max Cap” that the increases will be paid as a lump sum bonus. (SHARE contacted the handful of members above the Max Cap directly. All others will have received a total of 6% in their base by October 1, 2017.) The university is prepared not to oppose the Union`s efforts to expand the bargaining unit, unless the workers whom the union wishes to add are represented by another union when workers` collective agreement rights are covered by rcW 41.76, RCW 41.56 or any other legislative status. In any event, the university does not waive its right to seek clarification from the Labour Public Relations Board, if the university deems it appropriate at its sole discretion.

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