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Novel Wedding Agreement Gramedia

„Reading this novel is a reminder of the importance of knowing our spouse before he gets married. It takes a vision and a sense to make no mistake. (Surya Saputra, actor) „Page after page makes us more curious. Mia Chuz`s promising debut. Many writers write well, but not much with their hearts. (Archie Hekagery, author of Sitcom Tetangga Masa Gitu -Okjek) Her husband had planned to marry another woman after freezing her. He had only one year to live this marriage. Is there anything worse? „A classic story with realistic modern packaging.” (Dwi Sasono, actor) You may not have knew I was engaged before. Also get the wedding ebook on Google Play, can Tari survive a timely wedding? Tari looks at her husband in disbelief. How could he marry such a man? How do they live their daily lives as a couple living under the same roof? Unfortunately, Byantara Wicaksana, or Bian, doesn`t think the same. He got married because he had to. An agreement was prepared in advance.

One year is the time he gave for this wedding. After that, he`ll marry the woman he loved. The Roman Wedding Agreement was released in August 2018 under the same starvision name. Insha Allah after, there will be a second book of the marriage agreement which will also be published by Elex Media under the Laiqa line. Shortly after their marriage, Tari is filled with sheet of paper by Bian, her husband. „What is it?” „The marriage agreement, as long as you`re married.” „I still don`t understand.” „From the beginning, I intended to separate after a year of marriage. For Btari Hapsari or Tari, marriage is worship. Although unfamiliar with the future husband, who was introduced by pakde and budenya. He thinks that love can grow later, when it has become a halal couple.

„MasyaAllah. Intelligent writing. The author can tell us late in history, while he receives a lesson in Islamic science that is not condescending. (Queen Anandita, host and housewife).

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