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Building Agreement Book

The book is deep and easy to read, based on a wide range of research and first-hand experience in negotiations. There is no interaction setting – public, professional or personal, local or international – where its recommendations are not applicable. Written in the same remarkable vein as Getting to Yes, this book is a masterpiece… I really enjoyed it and I felt uplifting. The masters of diplomacy, Fisher and Shapiro of the Harvard Negotiation Project, draw on Fisher`s bestsellers (he wrote Getting to YES) with this informative, clearly written book about the emotions and relationships that are inevitably involved in negotiations. Whether you`re negotiating with an angry boss or a difficult colleague – or in fact with a tenacious teenager – you can learn to use your emotions to get the desired result. BUILDING AGREEMENT shows you how you can control the five „essential concerns” that motivate people:- Express appreciation of what others think, feel or do – build belonging and turn an opponent into a colleague – Respect autonomy in others and gain autonomy in return- Establish recognition status and at the same time your own worth – Choose a rewarding role during the negotiation processWith the latest research results , the group that brought you the groundbreaking book Getting to Yes, is a handy guide to mastering basic trading skills. This is one of those unusual works that is so carefully constructed and written that you can perhaps praise your common sense and accept easily…. It is a book to ponder, and it is part of the reference shelf of any negotiator.

This invaluable resource provides a thematic comparison between the AIA, AEJ and ConsensusDOCS agreements. Most construction lawyers are familiar with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) They carefully develop ConsensusDOCS agreements and forms. Now fully revised, this invaluable resource provides a thematic comparison of these forms It brings a wide range of cases on the most important aspects of the Labour Contracts Act, establishes the principle established by each case and provides a summary of the facts and decision.

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